Bottega Veneta Brings Handbag Customization Service to American Boutiques

Posted on: May 13

Bottega Veneta bags are set to become even more exclusive this season as the Italian label offers customizable handbags to its loyal American customers.

These luxury purses promise to be true originals, with fans able to choose their favorite colors and the materials used. The finishing touch is monogrammed initials, which brand the bag as yours and only yours!

Customized bags aren't entirely new for Bottega Veneta; the label has offered this service for years to its most influential customers. But it's innovative to offer this personalized service in regular stores for regular Bottega Veneta fans.

Bottega Veneta's traveling ateliers will visit the brand's Fifth Avenue store in New York today through to Saturday. Similar events will also be staged in Beverly Hills and Costa Mesa in July, and more are expected to be announced. If you want to be in on the action, contact your local Bottega Veneta boutique to reserve your place. If you're in Asia you might want to start saving your pennies. After their time in the United States, the Bottega Veneta artisans plan to take the program to Hong Kong and Korea.

[Source: The Purse Blog]
[Image Source: Jespahjoy/Flickr]

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