Botkier Noa Orange Tote | Folded Purse With Exterior Pockets

Posted on: Sep 27

Botkier Noa ToteIn my opinion a sign of a really elegant handbag is one that doesn't have to use over the top decoration to demonstrate that it is luxurious. The Noa tote from Botkier is one such purse, employing the time honored technique of delicate folding to make it look great.

The shape is traditional, in that it has room for all your folders and vital belongings. You know, the sort that you are unable to leave at home, and which instead you drag around with you in your poor over-used bag. However, the spacious shape doesn't mean it is outdated, as Botkier has given it a modern twist with the visible zipped pockets.

As well as being useful and offering more storage, the zips tend to give this leather tote a more edgy and fashionable vibe. Combine that with the unusual coral orange and you have a subtle yet effective eye-catcher. For me this is the best of both worlds, although conservative offices may still manage to take issue with the bright and happy color.

This is a cute yet expensive purse from a designer who rarely lets us down.

More Features of this Folded Botkier Tote

  • Lamsbkin leather exterior
  • Also available in black
  • Two exterior zipped pockets
  • Single interior pocket

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