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Posted on: Oct 6

Bodhi 9280170 Seamed ToteOK, hands up. Who loves Bodhi handbags? I certainly do, as there isn't a Bodhi purse that I do not actively lust after. With their bold colors, unusual shapes and unbelievably luxurious high gloss sheen, they are unusual and stunning additions to the whole handbag industry.

OK, lusting over, what do we think of this golden yellow seamed tote?

Personally, the color sells it to me. It is so unusual, so bold and so happy, that I am certain it could brighten up even the dullest winter day. It isn't the most practical shade, especially for conservative offices, but if you like to attract attention then a flash of egg yolk yellow like this is bound to do it.

The design too is unusual, but not so strange as to make this bag stand out like a sore thumb, or to make it difficult to use. After all, this is a tote, and needs to function as such. Thankfully this bag does just that, with multiple interior compartments and zipped pockets. The suede stripes may reduce the practicality somewhat, but this is still pretty useful.

This is a great looking bag for a surprisingly reasonable $207!

More Features of this Bodhi Seamed Hold-all

  • Also available in "cinnamon"
  • Patent leather and suede exterior
  • Divided interior with pockets
  • Short shoulder straps

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