Bodhi Modern Top Zip Bag | Purple Leather Slouchy Everyday Handbag

Posted on: Apr 14

Bodhi Modern Top Zip BagBodhi plays it surprisingly safe with this Modern Top Zip bag.
I've come to admire this label for its quirkiness. Who could forget the Safety Pin clutch, or the Temple shoulder bag? But there is none of that individuality in this handbag. It could have come from any fashion house at all.

That might help to endear it to women who've never warmed to Bodhi's artistic vision, but I can't help feeling disappointed. It's a bit like when your favorite comedic actor decides to take a dramatic role. He might perform brilliantly, but you can't help waiting for the punch line. In the same way, I can't help looking for something that makes this bag special.

It's all perfectly adequate, with a spacious interior, comfortable carry straps, and an assortment of leather trimmed pockets. That leather too is lovely, and its choice of colors is quite striking.

But when it comes to Bodhi, I expect something that will stand out. At $398 it's not unreasonable for a classic leather handbag, but I don't think it has enough personality to convince us to part with our cash.

More Features of This Bodhi Leather Shoulder Bag

  • Dual chain handles with a 10.5 inch drop
  • Measures 11 x 13 x 17 inches

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