Big Buddha Monet Clutch | Quilted Crinkled Purple Synthetic Purse

Posted on: Mar 19

Big Buddha Monet ClutchBig Buddha seems to have taken inspiration from the world of art when creating this Monet clutch. Do you think it's a masterpiece?

I think the potential for greatness was there, but it's too complicated to really impress me. I really like the volume that the crinkling gives the synthetic, but Big Buddha should have stopped there. The large diamond quilting gives the purse another layer that it didn't really need.

That lush, squishy surface would feel wonderful in your hand, but that's not the only way to carry the Monet. It also comes with a long synthetic woven chain strap, which allows you to wear the clutch like a shoulder bag. It's detachable too, so it needn't clutter up the purse's insides when it's not needed.

Just like Baby Bear's porridge, this Monet's size is just right. It's spacious enough to carry everything you really need on an evening out, and it's got a smart zippered pocket for keeping small items separate.

The Monet could be better, but it's a really solid purse, and one that represents great value for its $44.95 price tag.

More Features of This Big Buddha Crinkled Clutch

  • Top zip entry
  • Fabric lined interior
  • A chain strap with a 9 inch drop
  • Measures 6 x 7 x 3 inches

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