Big Buddha Meredith Wristlet | Patent Pleated Rose Decorated Clutch

Posted on: Oct 17

Big Buddha Meredith WristletMake a big bang with the adorable patent Meredith clutch from Big Buddha.

With this wristlet, you don't just get the bright red patent faux leather. You don't just get the acordian style layered pleats. You don't just get the rippled layered flower. You get all of them! The end result could be a little bit over the top (and the bright red will certainly get you noticed!), but thanks to the compact size I think you will probably get away with it.

Of course, it would be nice to have real leather in a red patent handbag. After all  nothing beats the genuine article. However, when paying just $40 you can't really expect that, meaning that for this Big Buddha wristlet you only get the synthetic stuff. Still at least it looks great!

This is a cute and affordable rose purse that will be bound to make an impact.

More Features of this Big Buddha Pleated Wristlet

  • Synthetic patent leather exterior
  • Single interior zipped pocket
  • Short wrist strap handle

Get this Patent Meredith Clutch:

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