Big Buddha Cosmopolitan Clutch | Modern Metallic Straw Purse

Posted on: Aug 12

When it comes to handbags that cost under $50, you don't often get a whole lot of quality design. However, I think that the Cosmopolitan is set to change all that, with its modern Eames-esque looks and surprising style.

So, what is special about this clutch? Well, the color for a start, a cool metallic gray/silver that manages to look slightly space age. Add the modern shape, clean and simple, and suddenly this looks like something out of a 1970s imagining of how the fashion world would look today. Only the fact it is made from straw breaks us out of the fantasy; I doubt that was what our parents had envisaged!

That straw does mean we will have to treat this Big Buddha handbag carefully. No rough and tumble for this little purse! Indeed, since the price means we can't expect high-end luxury workmanship, we probably ought to be as gentle as possible, so as prevent it getting damaged. Still, for the great looks and the equally great price, this seems a fair deal!

More Features of this Big Buddha Cosmopolitan Handbag

  • Available in orange and black
  • Straw exterior and coordinating metallic satin lining
  • Two interior pockets
  • Optional detachable chain strap

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