Betseyville Colorful Safari Wristlet | Betsey Johnson Animal Print Purse

Posted on: Mar 15

Here we have yet another over-the-top little purse from the dramatic designer Betsey Johnson.

If you like subtlety and calm patterns, then this little wristlet probably isn't for you. However, if you like a combination of bright colors and bold shapes, then this may be just the statement piece that you need in your wardrobe.

Whilst this isn't to my tastes, I am surprised that I don't actually happen to hate it. I think the soft satin makes the bag instantly classier, and in combination with the gorgeous color combination of yellow and purple it kind of works. Add to this is stylized floral print and zebra stripe background, and this could be a lot worse than it ends up being.

This is a strange purse. The wristlet shape and satin deem it suitable for evening occasions, but the combination of colors will make it difficult to coordinate. Still, if you can make the metallic leather work, then the affordable $38 is worth shelling out.

More Features of this Betseyville Safari Purse

  • Also available in red and pink
  • Signature Betsey Johnson lining
  • Metallic synthetic leather trim and wrist strap
  • Small slouchy satin body

Get this Betsey Johnson Bold Print Wristlet:

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