Betseyville Cat-Ch Me Hobo | Unusual Tie-Dye Cat Tote

Posted on: Feb 17

At first glance I thought this bag was made from that crushed velvet fabric that was so popular in the early 90s. Then I looked a little closer and realised that Betsey Johnson has actually used a strangely patterned tie-dye style fabric to create that effect!

You look a little closer and this already unusual purse becomes stranger still. You see, there is a cat hidden in the print, smack bang between the black leather trimmed exterior pockets. The feline creature adds a little funky character to this hobo, although if I am honest I am aware many people will not be fans of the overall style.

The shape of this Cat-Ch Me tote is convenient and casual, with lots of room and space for all your belongings. The long handle too will work well with the casual shape of this bag, making it really easy to carry.

More Features of this Betseyville Cat-Ch Me Hobo

  • Also available in purple and gray
  • Signature interior lining
  • Patent faux leather trim and handles

Get this Patterned Betsey Johnson Tote:

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