Betsey Johnson Sequincy Shopper | Aqua Sequined Cheetah Spot Synthetic Handbag

Posted on: Jul 5

There are few things that flamboyant fashion designer Betsey Johnson loves more than sequins and animal prints. Here she combines the two flashy elements for the head-turning Sequincy Shopper.

It might sound silly, but at first I couldn't see the sequins. It was only when I took a closer look that I realized this shopper's shine comes not from a polished patent but from the thousands of tiny sequins which cover every inch of this tote. They make black and bold cheetah spots which contrast with the glitzy sequined backdrops. Take your pick from such flashy shades as aqua, pink, and silver.

With its basic box shape, I assumed the Sequincy was all surface without the substance. How wrong I was. The interior is fully lined and packed with pockets including a detachable zippered pouch. I can imagine using this tiny purse in place of a wallet for carrying change. The pockets are trimmed with glossy patent synthetic to help them withstand daily use.

This is one shopper that doesn't deserve to be schlepping your stuff home from the grocery store. In fact, I'm not quite sure where you'd carry such a bold shopping bag, but I'm sure those with the confidence to own it would figure it out!

More Features of This Betsy Johnson Cheetah Spot Shopper

  • Patent synthetic trim
  • Snap closure

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