Betsey Johnson Betseyville Betsey’s Safari Three-Piece Cosmetic Set | Roses and Zebra Print Fabric Makeup Bag

Posted on: Jul 21

Whether you're planning an African getaway, or a vacation in the wilds of an urban jungle, this animal print Betsey's Safari set from Betsey Johnson's Betseyville line has your make-up needs covered.

Betsey Johnson lays feminine roses over the top of her zebra print to create a look that's every bit as bold and brash as we'd expect from this flamboyant designer. It won't suit everybody, but Betsey Johnson never tries to cater to the masses. This is a collection of purses for girls who don't take themselves, or their style, too seriously.

But to call it a three-piece set is probably a bit generous, as we don't really get three bags at all. The large satchel and small zippered pouch clearly count, but the mirrored charm is a bit of a stretch. It's so small that you'd need a serious make-up emergency to whip it out; personally I'd make the effort to find a bathroom rather than use this thing.

Thankfully, Betsey Johnson doesn't gouge us for the three parts. This cute Betsey's Safari set is reasonably priced at $48. It's a great traveling companion, although I can imagine getting plenty of extra mileage from the zippered pouch. This is the perfect purse for carrying your lippy and other make-up must haves on a big night out.

More Features of This Betseyville Patterned Three-Piece Set

  • Made of polyester/nylon fabric
  • Satchel measures 10 x 11.5 x 4.5 inches
  • Zippered purse measures 7.5 x 4.5 x 1.25 inches
  • Available in pink, purple, or red

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