Betsey Johnson Betsey Frills Satchel | Feminine Studded Pastel Hold-all

Posted on: Jul 21

Betsey Johnson, queen of girlie bags, has added this feminine satchel to her girlie Betsey Frills range.

The spacious handbag is available in a range of delicate pastel colors, although if light and fragile isn't your thing then the frilled handbag can be bought with a dark (and much more serious) black background.

The temptation with frilled handbags is often to put lacy layer after lacy layer all over the bag. Thankfully Betsey Johnson has kept it relatively controlled, with only two layers emphasizing the large and functional exterior pocket.

For such a large and spacious handbag, the handles are surprisingly short, and this limited drop length will prevent you from slinging it casually over your shoulder. This is a shame, especially considering the amount you could have carried around otherwise!

This easygoing satchel with its contrasting hardware is a simple but "normal" bag, until you look inside. Here the designer credentials and high price are much more understandable, as it is lined with a luxurious high-class floral fabric. This purse is classy and sophisticated, within a bubbly girly frame!

More Features of this Betsey Johnson Satchel

  • Large exterior pocket
  • Soft leather with luxury lining
  • 4 inch drop length
  • Available in 5 colors

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