Berge Brezza Convertible Tote | Soft Feminine Suede & Leather Handbag

Posted on: Apr 9

Berge Brezza Convertible ToteBring some feminine versatility into your life with the Berge Brezza tote.

Soft suede and slick leather are always a lovely combination in a handbag. And if the combination is assisted with cute shapes then the combo gets even better! This is exactly what happens in this convertible tote. The pinky suede body is complemented by the purple suede quarter-circle, and the little leather section within that completes the look.

Aside from the pretty design, this Berge handbag offers up quite a lot in terms of practicality and that aforementioned versatility. The hint is in the name; this is fully convertible. It doesn't just fold over and then need you to clutch it, but it lets you attached a long strap and essentially turn it into a different purse. This is really usable, and makes the Brezza a serious contender in a sea of frivolity!

Thanks to the yellow interior this is still a fun bag, but is it $635 worth of fun?

More Features of this Berge Brezza Leather Tote

  • Available in two other color combinations
  • Leather and patent exterior
  • Yellow lining with single zip pocket
  • Fully convertible with two carrying options.

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