BelArno Tri-Zip Clutch | Convertible Purple Leather Wristlet

Posted on: Nov 5

BelArno Tri-Zip ClutchBelArno's created a fun and functional purse with this Tri-Zip Clutch.

Its simple design is livened up by bright stripes of color. We're taken from a pale violet to a deep eggplant shade with this purple clutch, but it's just one of five options. That includes a solid black version for the traditionalists. Personally that purse seems a bit pedestrian, but it's commendable that BelArno's given us so much choice.

This clutch is small, but BelArno makes the most of its dimensions. As well as the trio of zippered pockets we see on the front, there's also another zippered pocket on the back. Inside we're given three slots for cards, allowing us to leave our wallet at home and use the main compartment for more important things.

We can use this purse like a traditional clutch, or add the wrist loop for a hands-free carrying experience. Personally I'd leave the loop attached so it'll always be available.

This clutch isn't very dressed up, but its simple style and playful finish should serve you well during the day, and on a casual night out. That versatility and functional design make it worth its $108.

More Features of This BelArno Multi-Colored Clutch

  • Made from cowhide leather
  • Measures 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.8 inches

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