Beirn Jenna Chain Stitch Tote | Unusual Chain & Snakeskin Purse

Posted on: Mar 9

Beirn Jenna Chain Stitch ToteThe Beirn Jenna tote gets a complete revamp in this chain stitch version.

Whereas the previous version of the Jenna was all in one solid color, the designer has opted to make the newcomer much more visually interesting. That genuine snakeskin offers a distinctive pattern and a combination of colors and textures that make it clear this is an expensive and luxury piece. In addition, it has added a new design feature, a chunky golden chain cleverly stitched into the leather and around the handle.

It is this chain that gives the Jenna Chain Stitch its name, and the metal work is probably this tote's biggest selling point. Well, that and the expensive exotic materials. However, I do have a little doubt about whether I like the look of the many different patterns, which seem to collide in a slightly over-the-top way. Still, I suppose this is just a matter of personal taste.

If the much more dramatic design and snakeskin make you want to buy the Jenna, then you will need to shell out a painful (but not unexpected) $600. Ouch!

More Features of the Jenna Chainstitch Purse

  • Snakeskin and chain exterior
  • Slouchy body
  • Single interior zip pocket
  • Khaki canvas lining

Get this Luxury Beirn Tote:

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