Beirn Grace Snake-Embossed Tote | Purple Exotic Handbag with Wristlet

Posted on: Dec 2

Beirn Grace ToteBeirn offers two bags for the price of one with this stylish Grace tote.

This handbag is so striking, with its regal purple hue and mottled stripes. In fact, I was surprised to read it's made not from the snakeskin that Beirn typically uses, but an embossed leather. Fashion snobs may see this as a step down, but when the finish looks this good I think it's unfair to be critical.

Using scaly leather rather than real snake allows Beirn to make this bag bigger than its usual totes. I appreciate all the extra storage space, but I wish there was more than the long zippered pocket inside to help us stay organized.

There is a matching wristlet though that we can always stash away when we need more assistance. But personally I think I'd get more use from this striking small bag as an evening clutch.

The straps are also really thin, especially for a tote of this size. Since they're made from leather I expect they'll hold up, but they will dig into your skin if the Grace is filled to the brim.

In the fashion world $515 is reasonable for such a stylish tote made from high quality materials. However the addition of the wristlet makes the Grace an even more alluring proposition. Is it tempting you?

More Features of This Beirn Snake-Embossed Tote

  • Gold-toned hardware
  • Snap button top
  • Dark gray canvas lining
  • Dual shoulder straps with an 8 inch drop
  • Measures 12 x 22 inches

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