Bebe Frills & Thrills Satchel | Modern Feminine Ruffled Handbag

Posted on: May 12

Bebe embraces its feminine side with this bold Frills & Thrills satchel.

This is definitely a bag that means what it says; this satchel has both frills and thrills in abundance. It's undeniably girly, but by using leatherette rather than a softer satin or chiffon Bebe has created a more modern look with its ruffles. This is only helped by the color choices; there's not a hint of pink or purple to be seen! Instead we're faced with more gender-neutral choices: black, brown, white, and orange for a bit of spice.

The interior is also thoughtfully designed, with media pouches, a zip pocket, and space to spare. It might not be real leather, but Bebe does its best to protect it anyway, with reinforced stitching and grommet feet on the base. The brand is definitely doing its best to convince us that this is $139 worth spending.

I still worry about the novelty factor of such a purse, but if you've got the confidence to carry it the Frills & Thrills satchel could be a fun addition to your wardrobe.

More Features of This Bebe Ruffled Satchel

  • Zip top opening
  • A removable Bebe charm
  • Tossed logo lined interior
  • Dual braided straps with a 7.5 inch drop
  • Measures 9.5 x 13 x 3.5 inches
  • Made in China

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