Balmain Ivory Tuyet Clutch | Embroidered Cream Leather Purse

Posted on: Apr 8

Balmain Tuyet ClutchBalmain takes embroidery into the 21st century with this Ivory Tuyet Clutch.

Pretty colored stitching usually makes accessories seem more feminine. That's not the case here though. Balmain's created a design which looks like it's come straight from a burly biker's tattoo! Those rainbow colored wings are probably a bit tacky for a high class event, but I can imagine rocking this purse with a pair of dark skinny jeans.

This biker inspired finish isn't my favorite look from Balmain, but I admire the label's restraint. It hasn't pushed the biker-chic point with studs or black leather. I'm not sure I could call it subtle, but the ivory leather tempers the stitched design. The classic envelope style also ensures it doesn't steal focus.

It seems Balmain's used all its energy on the exterior, because the Tuyet's really lacklustre inside. There's a small open pocket, but it's not very practical. And most disappointing for me, there's no strap. Forcing us to carry a pale leather purse in our hands full time means it'll show stains before too long.

I wouldn't mind that so much if it were cheaper, but at $2930 I'd want to keep the Tuyet nice. If you indulge in this clutch perhaps a good pair of gloves should be next on your shopping list!

More Features of This Balmain Embroidered Clutch

  • Flap closure
  • Fabric lined interior

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