Bally Venusia Tote | Black Nylon Handbag with Artist’s Print

Posted on: Jul 10

I'm not sure whether artist Bernard Villemot was inspired by Bally or if the fashion brand asked for an advertisement, but Villemot's "Bally Blonde" is a striking piece of bold but simple art. The vintage ad dating back to the 1980s is only a hint of the label's long history since Bally began over 150 years ago, but it is indicative of the simple, chic style of the brand.

I sort of wonder who decided that "Bally Blonde" would look fabulous printed on a tote. It seems an interesting choice to me since I'm used to seeing high-priced but gorgeous luxury handbags of ostrich and suede. However, it's a whimsical side of the label that I'm glad to see.

Without the print, there's nothing exciting about the Venusia. It's mostly just a black nylon tote with patent leather handles. However, slap on a piece of art, and you've got something special. I don't usually expect the brand name to be plastered on Bally's handbags, only the occasional subtle logo print. It is on the original art, though, which makes the Venusia's display of it make sense.

The aforementioned subtle logo print appears on this tote by way of the interior jacquard lining. You'll also find your standard zippered pocket inside as well. The sides are cinched in with patent leather belts giving the Venusia bag a pretty a-line shape. This Bally tote retails for $285.

More Features of the Venusia Tote

  • Measures 16 x 11.5 x 6 inches
  • Double handles with 7 inch drop
  • Open top
  • Logo print jacquard lining

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