Bally Bherna Satchel | Subtle Logo Print Handbag in Neutral Colors

Posted on: May 3

I can't say that I'm bowled over by the Bally Bherna. It's not exactly one of the brand's most dramatic designs, to be sure. In comparison to something like the Bally Pemba Pouchette, it's extremely tame.

However, there's always a time and place (and outfit) for a subtle accessory like this one. The woven fabric is a nice, casual change from typical solid leather handbags. While the logo print isn't my favorite pattern, the neutral colors keep it from looking too busy or overwhelming. The only surprising thing about the Bherna is the deep red lining of the interior.

Where it lacks in distinct personality, though, it makes up for in quality. As Bally bags tend to go, the Bherna is one classy, well-made satchel. It won't add a lot of pop to an outfit, but it will look great with many different ensembles and will surely last a long time when taken care of.

The signature Bally logo print is accented with light brown vachetta leather handles and trim. Although the double handles have a decent shoulder drop and rolled leather for comfort, the Bherna also includes a detachable strap for versatility. For the retail price of $515, this satchel combines a timeless style with convenience.

More Features of the Bherna Satchel

  • 13.5 x 8.25 x 7 inches
  • Rolled handles with 5.5 inch drop
  • Zip top closure

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