Bally Mairie Medium Tote | Contrasting Colorful Patent Leather Purse

Posted on: Jun 21

BALLY Mairie Medium ToteI don't know if you missed it, but we've written about the Mairie before. In fact, it was less writing and more just a condensed form of passionate lust, albeit in written format!

Now the luxury leather brand has reinvented the bag, and it is just as gorgeous as ever. In fact, the royal blue and tan leather body may actually be better than its original counterpart, instantly making this into one of those purses that make people go "wow."

So, why do we like it so much? It can't just be the looks, can it? Well, with that gorgeous contrast between the patent and the matte leather, the slouchy colorful body, and the sleek and super stylish central buckle, it could be. We could easily forgo all practicality for something this beautiful, for something this aesthetically lovely.

However, thankfully we don't have to. You see, we love this inside too. It has a roomy zipped central compartment, and two big spaces either side of it. It offers space, and easy organization, all on top of that luxury leather trim and the jaw-dropping color. In essence, it neatly ticks all the boxes.

Unfortunately, as always Bally have to go and ruin it all with the price, an equally jaw-dropping $1,000. Still, if you love it like we do and have the dosh, what's stopping you?!

More Features of this Bally Mairie Leather Tote

  • Available in other colors
  • Patent leather exterior
  • Multiple interior pockets/compartments
  • Reinforced base with feet.

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