Bally Mae Snakeskin Satchel | Iconic and Luxurious Leather Handbag

Posted on: Aug 9

You won't get one for anywhere near a bargain price - but if you want a snakeskin bag with real luxury credentials then the exotic Bally Mae satchel will be one of the most impressive choices.

This is one of the first handbags I have seen in a while that actually uses snakeskin, rather than a somewhat tacky snakeskin print. Of course, you are paying $3,195 for the privilege, but even some luxury brands tend to chicken out of using a sleek sexy skin like this. Of course, as with all exotic skins, we need to ensure that they are ethically sourced, and preferably that the skin comes from animals also used for meat, but I shall leave this investigation up to you.

As for the satchel itself, it showcases Bally's ability to create artistic handbags that are deceptively simple. The skin does all the talking, with the help of some neatly coordinating hardware and a slouchy, pattern-enhancing, shape. If the little handles were the only carrying option I would be less than impressed, but thankfully there is a shoulder strap option too. I do wish the handles were a bit longer though!

This is a handbag for the fashion elite. Is that you?

More Features of this Bally Mae Handbag

  • Multiple carrying options
  • Hook decorative hardware
  • Contrasting red satin lining
  • Genuine snakeskin exterior

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