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Posted on: Apr 7

Balenciaga Two-Tone Leather PouchFew things irk me more than fashion houses that stop trying. So I felt my heart sink as I spied this two-tone leather pouch from Balenciaga.

There's often a fine line between minimalist and boring, and Balenciaga's crossed it here. Everything is so basic, from the ordinary rectangular shape to the two-toned design. This is colorblocking by numbers, with little innovation or personality.

The story doesn't get any better when we peek inside. There's no lining at all. A small bag made of leather doesn't really need this feature of course, but I feel like we should be getting something for our money. Balenciaga tries to make amends with the interior open pocket, but it does little to impress me. If we fill it with anything more than receipts the pouch will probably develop unsightly lumps and bumps.

I wouldn't hesitate to spend $345 on a beautiful clutch purse, but I don't feel Balenciaga's done enough work for our dollar. It's used high quality materials as it always does, but it hasn't done a lot with them. For that price I expect to feel pampered, but here I just can't shake the feeling Balenciaga's put in the bare minimum.

More Features of This Balenciaga Basic Leather Pouch

  • Silver-toned zip closure with gold-toned metal pull
  • Measures 9.75 x 7 inches

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