Balenciaga Sells Limited Edition Anniversary Motorcycle Bags at Neiman Marcus

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Balenciaga has teamed up with Neiman Marcus to release a limited edition handbag collection to celebrate the French brand’s 10th anniversary.

Neiman Marcus will sell six exclusive versions of the iconic motorcycle bag: three Firsts and three Cities. Each bag is available in three colored cracquele-finish calfskins; choose from classic noir black, bronze, and a pastel pink shade known as Bois de Rose.

I’ve always been a bit bored by Balenciaga’s traditional black cotton lined interiors, so I’m thrilled to see the label experiment with a pretty pattern here. If any occasion calls for color it’s a birthday, isn’t it?

Each motorcycle bag features an exclusive nameplate reminding us it’s part of Balenciaga’s 10th anniversary celebrations. The nameplates are also numbered to guarantee their authenticity and limited edition status.

The limited edition Balenciaga motorcycle bags are available exclusively from Neiman Marcus stores for $1195 to $1395.

[Source: The Purse Blog]

Balenciaga Motorcycle Bags on eBay

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  1. My husband bought me the pink City one….Although Neiman Marcus said it won’t be ’til September.

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