Balenciaga Edition Ottoman Dupionne Tote | Two-Toned Minimalist Red Leather Handbag

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Balenciaga Edition Ottoman Dupionne Tote

Balenciaga Edition Ottoman Dupionne ToteBalenciaga’s ditched its signature hardware for a much sleeker, chicer look with this Edition Ottoman Dupionne tote.

Its name is a bit of a mouthful, but its design is much less complicated. Its curved body and round cut-out handles give it a fun, retro feel. The warm glossy red leather is gently contrasted with a much cooler, matte red on the handle. The combination of colors is unusual, so it probably won’t suit everyone, but I appreciate its uniqueness.

The Edition Ottoman Dupionne is generously sized, so it should hold everything you need on a day out and then some. However if you need more space you can simply expand it by opening the snap fastening on the side.

It’s tempting to make use of all that space, but the striking handle doesn’t really lend itself to that. Cut-outs like this are always awkward to manage, but even moreso when there’s some weight underneath it. It’s also disappointing that such a large bag has just a single interior pocket. So if it’s practicality you’re after, this tote probably isn’t worth its significant $1550 price tag. However if you’re prepared to struggle a bit for style, this tote makes a compelling case.

More Features of This Balenciaga Retro Tote

  • Pale gold-toned hardware
  • Graphic print fabric lining
  • Measures 15 x 17.75 x 5 inches
  • Made in Italy

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