Ashley M Coca-Cola Tote Bag | Red Soft Drink Logo Recycled Fabric Purse

Posted on: Nov 29

Ashley M Coca-Cola ToteFew designers name check as many big brand companies as Ashley M. While we've seen some more sedate designers from the label of late, this Coca-Cola bag sees it back to its usual tricks.

You'd probably have to be a real fan of the soft drink to indulge in this logo emblazoned handbag. There's nothing subtle about its bright red fabric embellished with that recognizable white script. I've been known to knock back a few cans a day, but I still wouldn't indulge in a handbag so lacking in subtlety.

It does have some unexpected green credentials though. It's made entirely from recycled material to minimize its carbon footprint and waste. It's also better appointed than you might expect, with three slide pockets inside and a hidden Velcro closure at the top. The pair of handles are long enough for grabbing as you're heading out the door.

It's also very cheap at $32. Ordinarily we pay a premium for eco-conscious accessories, so I think the price is very reasonable, even if the bag is a little too obvious for my tastes.

More Features of This Ashley M Recycled Material Tote

  • Dual handles with a 9.5 inch drop
  • Measures 3.5 x 16 x 12 inches

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