Anuschka Fringed Flap Saddle Bag | Enchanted Fairy Handpainted Leather Handbag

Posted on: Apr 4

Anuschka Fringed Flap Saddle BagAnuschka injects a bit of magic into our everyday wardrobe with this fun Fringed Flap Saddle Bag.

This handbag builds on the creative vision Anuschka's famous for, but it interprets it with a bit more bohemian flair. The enchanted fairy painting isn't one I've seen before from Anuschka, although its gentle watercolors make it feel familiar. The long fringe running along the bottom of the bag is also something new. Its gentle pink and purple ombre hues are a great complement to the girly image above.

Its look is its greatest drawcard, but this saddle bag backs up its pretty visage with high quality materials and a functional design. This spacious purse is made entirely from sumptuously soft leather. The zippered pocket and cell phone pouch on the bag will sit against your body for extra security. Those pouches will handle the essentials, but there's also a trio of interior pockets and another zip pouch hiding underneath the flap. The hardest part is remembering where you put your keys!

The fairy print might turn off girls with sophisticated tastes, but I imagine girls who still believe in magic will embrace this purse with personality.

More Features of This Anuschka Painted Saddle Bag

  • Zippered main compartment
  • An adjustable shoulder strap with a 26 inch drop
  • Measures 2.5 x 15 x 10.5 inches

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