Antik Batik Dream Leather Shoulder Bag | Highly Textured Olive Green Leather Bag

Posted on: Sep 28

Antik Batik Dream Leather Shoulder BagI am so crazy for Antik Batik's eclectic, quirky designs. The line's fanciful approach to accessories keeps me intrigued time after time. Even though the Dream isn't my favorite of the bunch, it still has a fabulous look that I really admire.

The surface of the dream is composed of layered circular patches of olive green leather. The effect is something like scales or fur. It has a definite organic influence and a little bit of an avant garde impulse.

The simple rectangular shape of the Dream is meant to show off the texture of the leather, but it has hidden design features. For example, there's a drawstring closure with a tassel fastening under the flap front. The drawstring peeks through subtly on the edges in a way that adds to the overall design, but it doesn't look fussy in any way.

At $495, the Dream is well-priced for an edgy, high quality handbag, especially given its versatility, but it's a little more expensive, it seems, than it should be, for a bag from a less established line.

More Features Of This Antik Batik Dream Leather Shoulder Bag

  • 16" x 11" x 4" size
  • 19" handle drop
  • Fully lined in designer twill

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