Antik Batik Cesar Cabas Tote | Colorful Fringed Boho Bag

Posted on: Aug 5

Antik Batik Cesar Cabas ToteWhen done well, fringing can help a bag channel the swinging sixties or the rodeo. When done badly, it can become a mess. Sadly the fringe on this Cesar Cabas tote makes it fall into that disappointing latter category.

I'm not sure which Antik Batik designer suggested using a rainbow of colors for the fringe, but they should have been shot down. I like the Aztec pop that turquoise, silver, and tan can give, but I'm not sure fringing was the right way to use the combination. Or perhaps it's the fringing itself which is messily disheveled and sticking out every which way. I can't my finger on what exactly the problem is, but the overall effect is really discordant.

Given my distaste for what's up front, you might assume that I approve of the bag's bare back. Not so though. After so much embellishment up front, the rear simply looks unfinished. It's the sort of corner cutting we see in the bargain basement bags, but rarely when we're paying more than $500.

That's right; the Cesar Cabas tote will cost you more than $500. In fact, it'll set you back $527. I don't know about you, but I can think of many more attractive ways to spend that sort of cash.

More Features of This Antik Batik Fringed Tote

  • Magnetic snap closure
  • Printed plainweave lining
  • A pair of pouch pockets and a zippered pocket inside
  • Dual rolled handles with a 9 inch drop
  • Measures 13 x 18 x 8 inches
  • Made in India

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