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Posted on: Mar 4

Alla Leather Art Sharlet Bucket BagBoho handbags don't get much more sophisticated than the Sharlet bucket bag from Alla Leather Art.

This isn't a fashion house I've heard a lot about, but this bucket bag makes me want to know more. It uses high quality leather to great effect. The drawstring top creates gentle pleats which emphasize just how soft this skin is. The material is left unembellished and uncluttered, allowing us to appreciate its natural pebbled finish. Long leather tassels are the only accents, and they give the Sharlet just the right amount of boho flair. I also appreciate the detachable straps, which allow us to carry the Sharlet as a shoulder bag or cross-body depending on our mood.

While I love what the drawstring closure brings to the look, I'm less enthusiastic about it on a practical level. These ties are always fiddly to use, and our items are never as secure as they'd be underneath a zip. I was hoping Alla Leather Art would at least include a zippered pocket inside, but there's no joy. There is an open one for holding a cell phone or small camera, but I find myself longing for just one secure space!

But then I look at the price, and all is forgiven. I'd have expected to spend much more than $159 on this bucket bag, wouldn't you?

More Features of This Alla Leather Art Drawstring Bucket Bag

  • Fully lined interior
  • A shoulder strap with a 9 inch drop
  • Measures 3 x 10 x 8 inches

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