Alexis Hudson Miranda Sequin Clutch | Glittery Purple Party Purse

Posted on: Apr 3

Alexis Hudson Miranda ClutchAlexis Hudson has put on the glitz with its Miranda clutch.

This simply shaped purse is covered in thousands of tiny sequins. It's deliciously over the top, or perhaps girlishly garish depending on your point of view! Even if you do love the look of all those metal discs, you won't be able to rock them everywhere. I'd never take this clutch to a dressed up and buttoned up office function, but it'd work a treat for karaoke night with the girls.

The Miranda's appeal doesn’t go far beyond its surface though. Its interior is adequate at best, without pockets or a lot of space to speak of. It’s also missing a shoulder strap, a real oversight on a bag covered with sequins. It'll just take one coming loose for the rest to quickly follow. Asking us to clutch it full time seems like tempting fate.

I personally love the Miranda's flamboyant sequined finish, but I also feel like I've seen it before. Alexis Hudson doesn't do anything to differentiate its design from so many other sequined clutches, most of them from more affordable labels. With a little searching you'll likely find a similar purse for less than the $170 Alexis Hudson commands.

More Features of This Alexis Hudson Sequined Clutch

  • Foldover design
  • Measures 6 x 9.5 x 1.25 inche

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