Alexander McQueen De Manta Printed Twill Clutch | Elegant Sculptural Evening Bag

Posted on: Jul 27

Alexander McQueen De Manta Printed Twill ClutchMcQueen's DeManta bags are pretty extraordinary. I'm not sure what "de manta" means except that it seems to be in the name of a lot of European port cities, but all the bags share these beautifully turned down corners. This printed clutch version is the most beautiful and unique of the bunch.

Printed twill doesn't really seem like the most elegant choice of fabrics. But that's only until you lay your eyes on this amazing print. It looks almost like lace, but with an organic element that reminds me of the pattern on moths and butterflies.

The shape also seems to be wing-inspired. The folded down corners give an in-flight impression that's pretty exciting. The full zipper top makes the De Manta clutch very practical for such an avant garde accessory. You could definitely fit more than the usual night's necessities inside.

$525 is a steal for this bag. It's McQueen, it's beautiful, and it will add a unique glamour to your best evening gown.

More Features Of The Alexander McQueen De Manta Printed Twill Clutch

  • 15" x 8" x 2" size
  • Fully lined in black twill

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