Aldo Rucinski Beaded Clutch | Colorful And Casual Day Purse

Posted on: Aug 17

It isn't often that you find a beaded bag that manages to be casual, but I think that Aldo has achieved just that with their Rucinski clutch.

So, what makes this casual? Well, I think it must be the bright and happily colored beads that do it. Rather than subtle coordinating colors and glitzy shades, this is all about the cute pastels and sunny yellows, on a casual pale fabric background. It may look a little like it is covered in little pills and capsules (red pill or blue pill?!), but at the same time it is fun and relaxed.

The actual design of this beaded purse is, as with most Aldo bags, unremarkable. You are only spending $20 after all, and for that sort of moolah you won't be expecting any revolutionary fashion concepts! Instead,you have a purse that does what it says on the tin, holding your belongings and looking pretty. You even get an optional handle, although I have to admit to not really being a fan of the slightly tacky and fragile looking metal chain.

The Rucinski handbag is a great and affordable way to have fun without shelling out too much money, and the cheery shades should help to keep your spirits up in preparation for winter!

More Features of this Aldo Rucinski Purse

  • Beaded fabric exterior
  • Optional short chain strap
  • Single interior slip pocket
  • Metal frame closure

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