Accessorize Sequin Clutch | Affordable Metallic Velvet Party Bag

Posted on: Feb 19

This cute clutch bag from Accessorize is made to party.

Sequins are a staple for any evening bag, but Accessorize is careful not to overdose on the bling. The base is covered with the metallic jewels, but the top features just a gentle smattering. This allows us to peek through to the luxurious velvet finish underneath. This pewter gray shade is flirty without being too flamboyant. If it's still too loud for your tastes, this sequined clutch is also available in basic black.

The kisslock closure and polished chrome frame give this purse a classic vintage feel. Accessorize also stick with tradition when it comes to size. This party clutch isn't as large as so many modern purses, but its long design means it can fit a little more than the average. The long, streamlined style is also perfect for carrying in your hand or tucking under your arm.

Sequined clutches may be nothing new, but like so many Accessorize purses this one isn't as pricy as a Fendi baguette or Chanel's sequined east-west bag. After all, who wants to spend a fortune on something you'll only carry after five?

More Features of This Accessorize Party Bag

  • Grey satin lining
  • Measures 13.5 x 5.5 x 1 inches

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