Abas Molly Handle Bag | Convertible Snake Embossed Leather Clutch with Cut-Out Handles

Posted on: Aug 3

Abas shows us that exotic style doesn't have to cost the earth with this luxurious looking Molly bag.

Embossed snakeskin purses are a dime a dozen, but few look as convincing as Abas accessories. The label gets the rich mottled scales just right, and while some of the shades may not resemble real reptiles they look so stylish that I don't mind one bit. This subtle Grecian White purse is my favorite, but it's one of six possible hues.

I love the clean, retro design of the Molly, but I'm not sure of its execution. With flaps folded down, the purse works as a clutch. The problem is that when such a large purse is full it'll be difficult to carry in your hand. Abas tries to help us out with cut-out handles built into these flaps, but when the Molly is converted we're presented with some new challenges. Those handles look gorgeous, but they're too small for comfortable carrying. Unfortunately we'll probably need to leave a few things behind to make the Molly user-friendly, but what a shame we can't utilize all that storage space!

She is a lovely looking creature though, and for many handbag fans that will be enough to convince them. Well that and the price, which at $225 is much less than any authentic snakeskin accessory!

More Features of This Abas Snakeskin Retro Clutch

  • Lizard print lining
  • Zip top closure
  • Measures 6 x 14.5 x 2.5 inches
  • Made in the United States of America

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