Coach Madison Hippie

Coach Madison Hippie Shoulder Bag | Convertible Pleated Apricot Leather Purse

There’s not a hint of tie dye to be seen in this unusually conservative Madison Hippie shoulder bag from Coach. I’m...
54 sec read

Lucky Brand Embroidered Shopper | Old-Fashioned Canvas Tapestry Bag

A tapestry bag is one style that will never fully go out of fashion, and with the selection of gorgeous denim...
51 sec read

Loop NYC Dazed and Confused Hobo | Raspberry Pink Patterned Fabric Slouchy Handbag

Loop NYC definitely channels the trippy hippie vibe of the 60s with its Dazed and Confused hobo. There’s a real hallucinogenic...
46 sec read

Pietro Alessandro Tie Dye Hobo | Exotic and Expensive Hippy Bag

Hippie style tie-dyed bags never really go out of fashion for the summer, and this Pietro Alessandro version is just the ticket...
56 sec read

Sondra Roberts Santorini Fringe Tote | Tie-Dye Hippie Hobo Style Handbag

Tie-dye is, without fail, a matter of personal taste. Those who dislike it tend to find that tie-dye is a bit too obvious...
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