Hermes Birkin

Hermes Employees Sacked After Counterfeit Ring Busted | Workers Help Knockoff Trade

How do you make a good designer knock-off? Enlist some of the workers from the genuine fashion house! Just don’t expect...
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Hangover 2 Marquee

Warner Brothers Wins Louis Vuitton Copyright Case | The Hangover: Part II Triumphs in Court

Louis Vuitton has lost its lawsuit against the Warner Brothers movie studio. The fashion house hoped to claim damages from the...
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Can't Fake Fashion Totes

Designers Fight Counterfeit Bags with eBay Totes | You Can’t Fake Fashions Handbags in Vault

eBay is often regarded as a hotbed of counterfeit handbags, but the popular auction site is fighting back with the help...
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Canada Flag

Louis Vuitton & Burberry Awarded Record Copyright Payments | Designers Take Counterfeiters to Canadian Court

Louis Vuitton and Burberry have won record sums after successfully suing Canadian copycat labels. The luxury fashion houses finally took Singga...
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Purse Shopping

New Bill to Prevent Fashion Fakes | Innovative Design Protection & Piracy Prevention Act Passed

A new bill passed by the US Senate Judiciary Committee should help to protect our favorite handbag designers from those nasty...
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Coach Sues Brown Shoe for Replica Ergo Pleated Purse

Coach is taking a stand against those replica handbags, filing a lawsuit against Brown Shoe Co. Inc. The luxury label says...
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