Vans Triple Threat Cross-Body Bag | Black Polyurethane Casual Handbag

Posted on: Mar 10

Vans Triple Threat Cross-Body BagVans serves up a cheap and cheerful cross-body with some retro flair with this Triple Threat.

The words triple threat reminds us of those rare talents that can do it all. Those shining stars act so convincingly, sing like a bird, and dance like a dream. Vans' Triple Threat isn't anywhere near as exciting as those multitalented celebs, but it's got a certain appeal. I like the sporty feel the white piping brings, and the retro pop of the purple and orange racing stripes.

And I can appreciate its practicality. It's not large, but it's as spacious as it needs to be for everyday use. While it's not very big, some extra pockets would make it a bit more user-friendly. At least the zippered pocket will come in handy for holding loose change and a cell phone. The wide cross-body strap is also perfect for those busy days we all enjoy.

At ₤35.95 it's also very cheap. Personally I'd rather pay more for a bag made with more impressive materials, but girls on a budget will appreciate the Triple Threat's features and athletic flair.

More Features of This Vans Polyurethane Cross-Body Bag

  • Lined with a cotton polyester blended fabric
  • Measures 10 x 7.5 x 3 inches

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