Valentino Fringed Leather Bucket Bag | Tough But Glam Black Leather Fringed Leather Shoulder Bag

Posted on: Jul 19

Valentino might be one of the first designers I think of when I think "chic" or "ladylike", but he certainly isn't one of the first designers I think of when I think "hip". Which makes this fringed bucket bag a definite departure from the line's usual style, because it is nothing if it is not hip. Which is not to say that it isn't chic, because it really strikes a great balance between the two.

The black leather on this bag is super soft and supple, but let's be honest, that isn't really the draw. The details on this bag are simply amazing, from the subtle detail below the fringe to the fringe itself, which deserves about a thousand exclamation points.

The "fringe" on this bag isn't just your typical sliced up leather. Each piece of fringe is actually more like a little triangular stem with a pyramid stud at the end. The effect is astounding. It looks smooth and chic, but also really edgy and tough, and my only complaint with it is that it doesn't cover the entirety of the bag. It's only on the front. Oh well.  I'd still trade my car for this bag.

At $3,340, this bag comes at a dear price. But, it's not really for us plebian bag owners. This is a bag for celebrities, socialites, and rock stars. And, you know, those of us who just want to look like them.

More Features Of The Valentino Fringed Leather Bucket Bag

  • 34" x 29" x 11" size
  • 11" strap drop
  • Fully lined in black satin
  • Interior pouch and zipper pockets

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