Travelon Wheeled Underseat Carry-On Case with Back-Up Bag | Microfiber Travel Set

Posted on: Jun 22

Travelon Wheeled Underseat CarryonTravelon sorts out your travel needs with this Wheeled Underseat Carry-On Case and Back-Up Bag set.

The Wheeled Underseat Carry-On bag is a small suitcase, perfect in addition to a larger piece of luggage or for taking a short getaway. Its spacious main compartment is fitted with a trio of pockets for easy organization. The handy side pocket puts a water bottle at easy reach, while the front compartment is perfect for stashing your boarding pass, passport, and other important travel documents. Its wheels aren't the high tech 360-degree ones we see on more luxurious travel bags, but they should make manoeuvring through the airport a bit easier.

To call the accompanying tote a Back-Up Bag seems to be selling it short. It's a full sized tote which will probably become your travel companion while you're sightseeing. It also folds down for easy storage inside the carry-on bag.

Neither bag is the height of fashion. The microfiber material is hard-wearing but not especially appealing, particularly in that drab khaki hue. Travelon's also used plastic rather than metal for the zipper pulls, and customers find these attachments break quickly.

But we don't expect longevity for the money. At $119.99, this is a great value set for the occasional traveler. If you're a jetsetter though, I suggest investing in something sturdier.

More Features of This Travelon Travel Set

  • Cooler compartment inside wheeled bags for snacks and drinks
  • Tote has an add-a-bag strap to attach it to the carry-on case
  • Wheeled bag measures 14 x 12 xx 8.5 inches

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  1. Shane Bliss Says:

    Nice design but I like carry on luggage that has a more form design.

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