Travelon Luggage Weighing Scale | Lightweight Pocket-Sized Suitcase Weigh Limit Checker

Posted on: Apr 2

OK, OK, so this isn't a handbag. However, if you are someone who frequently flies and travels than it may become a vital accessory to your bags and luggage.

The Travelon On Your Weigh tool, other than being a good fun pun, is also a pocket-sized set of scales. If ever you are going anywhere that has weight restrictions on your carry-on luggage, then this little tool can be quickly attached to it to see just how heavy it is. Definitely convenient, and even more so if you are like me and fill your bag with all sorts of nonsense before you go away.

There are some bits and pieces that everyone takes on their travels. A smart wallet to go in your purse. A neat coordinating passport holder if you are really smart! A country appropriate plug. Although this isn't perhaps all that exciting, this may well become one of those travel staples.

Available in two colors to match your handbags, this luggage scale is a great piece of tech.

More Features of this Travelon On Your Weigh Accessory

  • Also available in silver
  • Clever fold-away luggage friendly design
  • Color-changing weight display

Get this Clever Luggage Scale:

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