Travelon Carry Safe Anti-Theft Hobo | Secure Tan Travel Bag

Posted on: Feb 18

Travelon Anti-Theft HoboTravelon seems determined to muscle in on Pacsafe's territory with this Carry Safe Anti-Theft hobo.

Pacsafe fans will notice many of the same features in this hobo, from the slash-proof shoulder strap to the tamper-proof locking zippers. These security measures allow us a breath a little easier when we step out, whether we're sightseeing in a foreign country or braving the urban jungle back home.

Looks take a backseat to the features here, but Travelon has never really been known for fashion forward design. Yet this hobo is clean and modern enough to work with any outfit, even if it won't turn heads.

Let's face it though; if security is a priority you don't want a bag that will attract a lot of attention. You're much better to blend into the background and let the thieves look for the ladies carrying Louis Vuitton. For that reason I think this rather drab tan purse is the pick of them. Ordinarily I'd gravitate towards the pretty blue shade, but the unobtrusive tan nylon is almost an added security feature!

Travelon hasn't included all the features Pacsafe does, but it also doesn't charge as much. At $44.99, Travelon's done enough to assert itself as a serious competitor.

More Features of This Travelon Security Hobo

  • Roomy main compartment with interior pockets
  • A front pocket
  • Measures 12.25 x 10 x 3.5 inches

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