Tiny Bebe Rosette Wristlet | Simple Rose Decorated Purse

Posted on: Dec 29

Bebe manages to prove with this little wristlet that rosettes don't have to be all sweetness and light. Instead, this purse combines the traditional shape with some edgy on-trend touches.

From the front this rosette clutch resembles something like a corsage, the modern day equivalent of that cute prom night tradition. Wrapped together out of metallic pewter petals, this is round and actually very effective, looking both rock chick and debutante in the blink of an eye!

Of course, a round little purse is never going to be very practical, no matter how punk it makes you look. Even the sweet addition of some little metallic studs on the petals can't convince me that this wristlet is spacious! That said, if you don't need to carry much then the round space and tiny little interior pocket should be fine, and will just about hold some cash and a little cell phone.

This rosette wristlet is a great, if surprisingly costly purse, for an evening out, whether that may be a rock concert or an elegant evening party. Team it with some similarly colored metallic accessories to really complete the look!

More Features of this Bebe Rosette Wristlet

  • Single leather trimmed interior pocket
  • Also available in pink or black
  • Metal studded petals
  • Round shape
  • Jacquard interior lining

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