Timbuk2 Makes Map Messenger Bags for Cyclists | Handbags for New York & San Francisco Bike Lovers

Posted on: Nov 17

Timbuk2 Map Messenger Bag

Timbuk2 ensures you'll never get lost with the release of its new limited edition Map Messenger Bag.

The mid-sized casual bag features a Google bike map sewn into its flap closure. Cyclists can choose from either Timbuk2's native San Francisco or the bright lights of New York City. Whichever location takes your fancy, lifting up the flap sounds much easier than wrestling with an over-sized road map when you lose your way!

But the perks for bike lovers don't stop there. The carryall bag features reflective binding for increased visibility during the day or night. It’s also made from Timbuk2's famous ballistic nylon, which is tough and made to withstand some serious punishment.

The Map Messenger Bag's nifty features and limited edition status see it priced at $120. That's slightly more than I'd usually spend on a nylon handbag, but there's so much going for this purse that I think it's worth the splurge. You'll find it online at Timbuk2's website.

Timbuk2 states that this is the "first run of printed-liner messengers," before adding that there'll be more locations or different map styles if this batch of Map Messenger Bags is successful. Which city would you like to see featured next?

[Source: Ecouterre]

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