Tianni Cat Cartoon Duffel | Surreal Summery Weekend Bag

Posted on: Mar 12

Hmm, what better way to end the week than with a cat covered handbag!

Don't worry, I am not talking about a handbag made out of cat skin. Instead, I mean a surprisingly upbeat duffel bag from Tianni, a brand who is usually quite staid and formal with its handbag design. Of course, you can't really get much further away from formal than by painting your canvas bag in sunbathing cats, so if the brand was trying to appear more lighthearted then it has probably achieved it!

Despite all the reasons, I actually don't hate this bag. I know I ought to, but there is something tongue in cheek and funny about the decoration, which even extends to the handles. And,when it comes down to it, this is a functional bag that has been given a dramatic twist, and I have to give Tianni kudos for that!

Unconventional and incredibly affordable, this $36 cat duffel from Tianni is undeniably fun!

More Features of this Tianni Cat Duffel

  • Only available in color "cat" (!)
  • Single interior pocket but no lining
  • Thin fabric exterior

Get this Cartoon Weekender:

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