Tepper Jackson Aero Dot Cosmetics Bag | Spotted Coated Canvas Makeup Purse

Posted on: Oct 16

Tepper Jackson Aero Dot Cosmetics PurseTepper Jackson takes care of your cosmetics with this fun Aero Dot purse.

In many ways this is more of the same from the designer. We've got a retro print, a coated canvas finish, and a simple design. Check, check, and check. But I feel the combination works here better than it usually does.

Coated canvas isn't very luxurious, but it is easy to keep clean. That's perfect for a purse that will be around nail polish, lipstick, mascara, and other messy essentials. With just a damp cloth you can wipe away any spill from the outside. The interior is lined in black canvas which will simply hide any marks.

The colored spots are lots of fun, but not very easy to coordinate with an outfit. That's OK here too, because this cosmetics purse will spend much of its life inside a larger, and likely more conservative, tote.

The simple interior isn't ideal, but it's also not surprising for a purse which costs so little. In a perfect world there'd be clear pockets for separating makeup and elasticized loops for holding mascara and brushes, but we'd pay a premium for those extras.

At just $22 this Tepper Jackson cosmetics purse is a fun, if not all that luxurious, way to carry your make-up.

More Features of This Tepper Jackson Spotted Cosmetics Bag

  • Zip closure
  • Measures 4 x 1 x 7.5 inches
  • Made in China

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