Stella McCartney Glossed Nylon Shopping Bag | Cheap Looking But Cheerful Red Tote

Posted on: Dec 18

Stella McCartney Glossed Nylon Shopping BagStella McCartney is not one of my favorite designers. I really want to like her, but I find her handbags to be mostly lackluster and almost always overpriced. I'm afraid this glossed nylon shopping bag is no exception.

The glossed nylon on this bag is shiny and it has a great eye-catching red color, but the wrinkled material has a cheap, low class look to it. Seriously, I don't know where McCartney gets off charging $785 for this bag. It looks like something you would pick up at a cheesy beachfront gift shop for ten bucks. One that you would only buy out of desperation and convenience.

The typical shape of the tote is fine, nothing new, nothing exciting. The gold zipper trim is supposed to make the bag look classy, I think, but it just adds to the cluttered, uncultured look of the bag. The canvas handles will be sturdy and comfortable, and the bag is a nice, generous size, but who really wants to carry this thing around all day, anyway?

More Features Of The Stella McCartney Glossed Nylon Shopping Bag

  • 20" x 17" x 11" size
  • 5" strap drop
  • Fully lined in light pink designer-stamped fabric

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