Stella McCartney Glossed Nylon Hobo Bag | Cheesy Black Faux Patent Shoulder Bag

Posted on: Jan 11

Stella McCartney Glossed Nylon Hobo BagI officially give up on Stella McCartney's accessories. Sure, every now and again she comes up with something cool, but it seems to be more an accident than anything else. This glossed hobo is another example of what happens when bad materials meet bad design.

I don't know what Ms. McCartney is thinking with all the faux patent she's been using lately. It's just way too thin to carry off the kinds of designs she's using it on. All the seams come out gathered because of the flimsiness of the fabric, and not in a cool, casual way, either. It just looks so sloppy.

The actual shape of this hobo might be cool if it were done in a more substantial fabric, but as it is, it looks terrible. Instead of looking slouchy, it just looks wrinkled, and what might be useful front pockets look flimsy and unusable. The silver hardware doesn't help the cheap look, either, although I'm not sure gold would work any better. The exposed zippers are just not working here.

$895 is a terrifying price to pay for a bag this ugly. Frankly, I wouldn't pay $8.95.

More Features Of The Stella McCartney Glossed Nylon Hobo Bag

  • 15" x 16" x 3" size
  • 3" strap drop
  • Fully lined in pink twill

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