Ralph Lauren Releases New Ricky 33 Bag | Limited Edition Breast Cancer Charity Purse

Posted on: Oct 3

Ralph Lauren Pink Pony Ricky BagRalph Lauren hopes to inspire the imagination of luxury lovers with his limited edition Ricky 33 handbag. All proceeds from the sale of the opulent calfskin purse will benefit the Pink Pony Fund, an arm of the Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation which helps breast cancer charities around the world.

The new Ricky is made from superior burnished black calfskin. However it wouldn't be a breast cancer charity bag without a pop of the cause's signature color. This luxury bag is lined with sweet pink fabric and a removable pink belt affixes the hang tag. It will set you back a substantial $3750. At least the money goes to charity, right?

The release of the new Ricky is well timed to correspond with October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It's one of a swag of charity items released to raise money for the cause, but its quality and lack of obvious pink helps to set it apart.

Most of the breast cancer charity purses are crafted from cheap materials to make them attainable to women with all budgets. But this one looks to capture a different sector of the market, the girls who value quality above all else. I think it's a smart move from Ralph Lauren to target this often overlooked sector in his charity effort. What do you think of the release of this new Ricky?

You’ll find the new Ricky bag exclusively at Ralph Lauren's stores, including its website.

[Source: Palm Beach Daily News]
[Image Source: Ralph Lauren website]

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