Radley Whitmore Punch Hobo Bag | Medium Perforated Public Leather Handbag

Posted on: Mar 3

Radley Whitmore Punch HoboEver since I was small, I've loved purple. My mother insisted I'd tire of the color, yet even as a thirtysomething the sight of this rich regal hue makes me weak at the knees. Radley's used the color to great effect in its Whitmore Punch hobo.

It has a little slouch around the top, but the Whitmore Punch has more structure than we'd expect of a hobo. That gives this purse the refinery that we'd expect of British fashion. But it's not all about keeping a stiff upper lip. Radley's punched its famous Scotch terrier into the purple leather, creating embossed shapes and adorable holes which let the pink material underneath shine through.

We can always rely on Radley bags to work for us, and the Whitmore Punch is exception. It's one of Radley's mid-sized creations, which makes it perfect in my book. It'll hold everything we really need without tempting us to carry items that will only weigh us down. The trio of interior pockets doesn't exceed our expectations, but they are all we really need to keep our essentials in order.

Considering its quality and adorable style, I think the Whitmore Punch is a bargain at a little more than $250.

More Features of This Radley Perforated Hobo

  • Magnetic fastening
  • A Scotch terrier hangtag
  • Measures 14.6 x 12.6 x 5.1 inches

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